Creating Your Yoga Teacher Profile

If you signed up for an Audible Yoga teacher account, now is the time to fill in your profile - click the Edit button (shown below):

1. Fill in your bio

The biography is probably the most important. Avoid copying and pasting it directly from your other websites. Your biography does NOT need to include your credentials, social media, or website links - those go in other fields on your profile. See our Tips for Writing a Great Teacher Bio if you need some inspiration.

2. Upload your photo

In the User picture section, click Choose File and navigate to where you have stored a great photo of you. Vertical photos work better, but any photo will work. Select the photo and click Upload.

3. Share where you are teaching

If you are currently teaching private lessons, at a studio, or community yoga, you can list up to three of those classes in the Currently Teaching section. When students are visiting in your area, they can come to one of your in-person classes.

4. Help us pay you

Type your Paypal email address into that field (if you need a Paypal account, sign up for one free). Fill in the details of your mailing address so we can send you free business cards, flyers, and other goodies.

5. Give a social media boost

Fill in your social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to help students and other teachers follow you on social media.

6. Choose contact settings

Choose whether to let people contact you through the Audible Yoga platform or not by selecting the checkbox in this section. Either way, we will never give out your email address.


See more tips for recording your yoga classes.

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