3 Reasons to Teach Audible Yoga

Reason #1: Live & Teach Where You Want

  • Live and teach where you want
  • Students practice with you more often
  • Reach under-served and remote communities
  • Retain students you meet at retreats
  • Repurpose community yoga and private lessons

Reason #2: Earn Two Ways

Teach for us by recording your classes and earn two ways:

  1. Royalties on downloaded audio classes
  2. Referral payments from subscribers

Use your referral links and images to sign up students and earn referrals. The instructions are provided for you.

Reason #3: No Hard Marketing

You already know that choosing the yogic lifestyle is a beautiful choice, but getting the word out so you can make a living doing it can be tough. That’s where we help.

  • Keeping students engaged - DONE
  • Search engine optimization - DONE
  • New classes featured in social media - DONE
  • Finding new students - DONE

See more tips for recording your yoga classes and let us know if you'd like a free subscription to give away as a contest to grow your email list or social tribe.

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